About Michael

Michael C. Delaney is the founder of Southern Xcceptance and a retired engineering professional with 30+ years of experience executing projects worldwide in the area of process control and automation of oil refineries and chemical plants. With his experience working for many of the global players in the oil & gas industry, Mr. Delaney has an established reputation for excellence in all that he does.

In addition to his engineering skills, Mr. Delaney has had a life-long passion for music, starting with his first garage band in 1968 named – you guessed it – Southern Xcceptance, Ltd. After a thirty-year long diversion through the engineering profession, Mr. Delaney decided his retirement plan would take him back to where he was in 1971, graduating high school and deciding between engineering or rock-star wanna-be. It’s finally time to just do music!

While active in the engineering profession, Mr. Delaney had opportunities to indulge his passion for music as a member of a number of Christian music groups supporting contemporary services at his home church. Mr. Delaney has also worked with a very accomplished vocalist, performing at weddings, private parties, and many local venues.

Southern Xcceptance, Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Callidus Advisors, LLC based in Austin, TX. Callidus was founded by Mr. Michael C. Delaney.